Middle School Department

Overview of the Middle School Program

The middle school years provide a great number of changes for 7th and 8th grade students. The middle school department, administered under the supervision of the high school program, desires to help parents home school through these important years. Our services to middle school parents include curriculum counseling, informing parents about extracurricular opportunities, keeping permanent records, issuing transcripts, and assistance in planning for high school.

Reporting Requirements: (All reporting is done online.)

  1. Enter course information online
  2. Complete January 7th progress report and attendance
  3. Complete June 7th progress report and attendance
  4. Send or upload a copy of standardized test scores.

Grading Scale

You can read more about our Grading Scale HERE.

Testing Requirements:

You can find our testing requirements HERE

Required Subjects:

Grades 7 – 8

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts

– Literature
– Grammar
– Composition
– Vocabulary


What do I have to teach (or do) in order to get my student ready for high school?
State law requires that a middle school student be taught literature, composition, science, mathematics, and social studies. In all these core subject areas the 7th or 8th grade student should be practicing and perfecting skills learned in elementary grades. Seventh and eighth grade students should also be developing abstract thinking skills, organizational skills, and good study habits in preparation for high school level academics

Can my middle school student get high school credit during the middle school years?
Yes, if a student meets certain guidelines, he/she may earn high school credit(s) while still in the 7th or 8th grade.

What about extra curricular activities and socialization for my middle schooler?
Opportunities abound for home-schooled students! SCAIHS middle schoolers have participated in community service, musical theater, band, scouts, sports, 4-H clubs, science fairs, geography bees, spelling bees, art and music lessons, group seminars and classes, Bible studies and youth group activities, chess club, regular roller skating, ice skating, and bowling, just to name a few. These supervised group interactions with peers and with the community at large provide invaluable opportunities for the development of positive social and leadership skills. One big advantage of home schooling in the middle school years is the flexibility available to students allowing them time to explore a particular area of interest or to discover and develop a talent as they enter adolescence.