Resource Pre-Approved Courses

Pre-Approved Co-ops, Resource Centers, and Learning Partnerships

We greatly value and appreciate the service that co-op/resource centers offer to homeschoolers across the state!  While parents are solely responsible for providing an education to their children, these groups can be a great resource to assist the parent in that process.
Resource centers and co-ops are invited and encouraged to submit course syllabi to SCAIHS so that we can compile this list for our membership. This reduces the processing time for our members’ applications and allows you, the member, to confidently sign up for courses with these groups knowing that they will be approved.
If a course is presented on this list, you do not need to upload the course syllabus to your SCAIHS member area!  Just list the course title, resource center or co-op name, and the instructor.  At the end of the year, provide a copy of the instructor’s grade report with your final reports.
The following co-ops have courses that have been submitted and approved:

(The specific courses listed have been reviewed and assessed for high school credit. The views and opinions of the companies/resource centers/courses do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of SCAIHS. Please do your own research to see if the classes offered are a good fit for your student.)

Columbia Christian Homeschool Center (Columbia, SC)
Dutch Fork Homeschool Resource Center (Chapin, SC)   Updated for 2017-2018
Excelsior! Academy (Irmo, SC)   Updated for 2017-2018
Home Education Learning Partnership (Charleston, SC)   Updated for 2017-2018
Lalitha Shastri – Updated for 2017-2018
Learning Excellence Center (Summerville & N. Charleston, SC)
Matthew Smith – Guitar Studio (Columbia, SC) – Updated for 2017-2018
The Principia Center  Updated for 2017-2018
Upstate Homeschool Co-op (Taylors, SC)   Updated for 2017-2018
TutelEDge Tutoring  Updated for Summer 2018
Don’t see your resource center or co-op?  Encourage them to submit courses to be added to this list!