Advantages of Joining SCAIHS

Membership in SCAIHS and continuing compliance with its standards fully satisfies the demands of South Carolina’s Compulsory attendance laws. Because SCAIHS members are not under the jurisdiction of the public school district, they do not need to seek approval from their local school board.

The SCAIHS board and staff are committed to helping families experience success in home schooling. Services to member families include educational and curriculum counseling, teacher training seminars, and support from a qualified and well-trained staff. SCAIHS serves home schools with students from first grade through high school, plus limited services to preschool and kindergarten students. The staff is available Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

By endorsing both traditional and more creative approaches to education, such as unit studies and teacher developed curriculum, SCAIHS allows for variety and flexibility in curriculum choices. Parents may use traditional curriculum provided by textbook publishers or nontraditional materials from various sources as well as field trips, travel experiences, computer programs, educational television/videos, and other innovations in technology.

Progress reports, summarizing the student’s studies, are designed to help keep parents accountable.

Permanent records are kept for each student. Should a member student transfer to a public or private school from the home school or seek admission to a college or university, SCAIHS will issue a transcript to that institution upon the parent’s written request. This documentation is especially critical at the high school level. (Pertinent graduate records are kept permanently. Other records are purged after three years of inactivity.)

SCAIHS high school students routinely participate in the following programs and activities:

  • Palmetto Girls State and Boys State
  • Government internship programs
  • Internships, apprenticeships, and travel
  • TeenPact Leadership Program
  • Community service projects, volunteer work, and church work
  • Dual-enrollment programs in both two- and four- year colleges and universities

The High School Program provides credible documentation (credit units) for completed course work. Diplomas are issued at the formal graduation ceremony in June to seniors who have fulfilled graduation requirements. SCAIHS students are recipients of many prestigious academic awards and scholarships and continue to be accepted into the colleges and universities of their first choice.

The qualified staff from the Special Needs Department provide parents with educational counseling in this specific area.

SCAIHS members have flexibility in determining a school calendar as long as the 180 days of documented instruction are completed by May 31. Choices include a traditional nine-month school year, year-round schooling, or block scheduling.

The annual testing program gives parents the freedom to choose the test administrator and the test site.

SCAIHS members receive a membership card enabling them to qualify for some discounts available to schools.

SCAIHS members also have access to teacher enrichment seminars and informative e-mail updates, as well as state and national legislative changes.

SCAIHS members receive a 15% discount on most items in the Home School Bookstore.