The South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) offers three types of membership—Full Membership, Auxiliary Membership, and Preschool/Kindergarten Membership. Each provides legal status for the independent home school. An independent home school is an educational, academic program offered by parents for their own children that is not controlled or operated by the state or federal government.

SCAIHS membership is more than a matter of lawful legitimacy. It is not simply a piece of paper that says, “You are now legal to home school your children. Good luck.”

SCAIHS is a premier service built on the compassion and experience of a wonderful staff of counselors and administrators. We have helped students get millions of dollars in college scholarships, helped countless families navigate the challenges and blessings of teaching their special needs children, and gone to bat with great success for graduates whenever any institution tries to reject a home school diploma.

Our diplomas are recognized by the NCAA, the military, and every university in the state (as well as many outside the state including Ivy League schools). Furthermore, I have witnessed our staff help our members through court battles, financial collapses, and the countless daily crises that home school families face.

There are rumors about our “high prices” at SCAIHS. It is likely that our cost is not as high as you have heard. Still, it is simply impossible to supply our level of service for $50 a year—so we are not the cheapest option, but don’t let that scare you away from such a valuable service. Talk with us and see how we can work with you—it is well worth it.