Me, Myself, and I

It’s all about me! Yes, this homeschooling thing is all about me!! For that matter, so is the parenting thing.

Me Myself and I homeschooling thing is all about me

That’s not what we teach our children, is it? We tell our children, “It’s not about you so get off of your selfishness, your self-centeredness, your sense of entitlement.” Having a family of nine children, I probably have been able to more easily communicate to my children that life is not about them because life cannot revolve around one child in such a family. Maybe when they were first born, especially the special needs ones, we stared in amazement for a little while at the newborn or worked a little harder for a time to care for a special one.  A large family is good for teaching life is not about “me.”


Truly though, “it” is about you and me.  You signed up for homeschooling for the very reasons addressed in my previous blog, didn’t you? Better academics, mature socialization, a biblical worldview, a sense of family, etc., etc., etc.  All for your children, right? I thought I did.


In my twenty-eight years and counting of homeschooling, I have seen homeschool children flunk their classes. I have seen them go through teenage pregnancies. I have seen them walk away from their childhood faith and their families. My heart has broken. One does not have nine children without some serious issues touching one’s family. Then we say, “But I homeschooled to avoid all of this stuff, to prevent all of this from happening to my children, to produce children invincible to the world’s temptations.”


No, dear ones, just like He uses parenting in general, God uses homeschooling to transform you and me. God called me to homeschool for my own examinations, my own testing. I was forced to examine my own weaknesses for they are surely exposed during a homeschooling day. You know what I mean. He caused me to say “not my will but Thine be done” in the lives of my children as daily I learned to release my control and the umbilical cord. I had to let them make decisions even when I knew some choices would take them down an unwanted and treacherous path. God took me to my knees time after time after time to repent of my own sin, to beg His and my child’s forgiveness, and to pray for changes in my life and my child’s.


The temptation was great to get up at 6:00 a.m., put the kiddies on that big yellow bus, and shut the door between them and me. I could have let someone else handle their problems all day, and I could have gone about my business with my mask on, pretending like all was well in the camp. Yet I didn’t, and I’m glad. I have a ways to go before I am just like Jesus, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He used this daily, persistent “rubbing” against my children to “take away the dross from the silver” so that I could be a better “vessel for the smith”, the greatest Jeweler of all.


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