Marvelous Mother’s Day Moments

By Beth Moore: Mother’s Day can present some marvelous moments for learning.  A unit study about animals, particularly the names of animal babies and their moms can provide opportunities to use research skills, math skills, and early literacy skills.  Marvelous Mother’s Day Moments


Mother’s Day Math

The Enchanted Learning website has a great chart of animal names for moms, dads, babies, and whole groups of animals.  *Caution, you will want to review the list prior to using with your children to decide if there are some animals you might prefer to leave off your list. * You can look at the animal babies/animal moms chart and see how many baby animals are called pup, calf, and cub.  Count the number of animal babies that go by certain names such as calf, chick, cub, or pup.  Create a graph that shows the number of animal babies that go by that name.  Use comparative language to discuss your findings such as there are more, fewer, the same.  You can use baby animals in word problems.–543168457.html


Older Elementary Students Math Activities

(Moms – are you brave enough for this one?) – Tell the kids the year you were born. Next ask them what year they were born in. Have them subtract your birth year from their birth year so they can find out how old you were when they were born.

Money – Clean out your purse or coin jar. Identify coins and discuss their value. Sort coins looking for coins with your birth year on them.

You can also do some great math problems looking at how much different items cost when you were born and when the kids were born.  If you have a multigenerational family, you can compare the cost of a gallon of milk from grandmas’ birth year, mom’s birth year and kids’ birth years.  You can type in Google What did a gallon of milk cost in _____ and it will pull it up for you.  A chart or graph can be created to show cost of different items in various years.



Mother’s Day Language Arts

ReadingAre You My Mother?  By P.D. Eastman

Is Your Mama a Llama? By Deborah Guarino Illustrated by Steven Kellogg (Rhyming Words)

                   Love You Forever By Robert Munsch (watch on YouTube)

Phonics – Short U sound like in cub and pup

Grammar – Plurals when word ends in f like calf to calves and wolf to wolves

Plurals when words end in y Baby to babies, mommy to mommies, daddy to daddies

Possessives – Mother’s Day, bear’s den, bird’s tree, pig’s pen



Writing –Make a Mother’s Day Card for mom or grandmas

Prompts:  My Favorite Recipe – Let the kids list ingredients and directions to make whatever their favorite dish made by mom or grandma.

Acrostic Poem

(Have kids come up with a word or phrase starting with the letter on the line.  In order to make this easier, maybe come up with verbs that start with M, O,T,H,E,R first so that kids have a choice of words to use then they can select words that make them think of mother{use the word mom for younger kids just spell out mom instead of mother}.)

M – Makes dinner

O- Organizes the house

T – Teaches me

H-Helps me with things

E-Exercises at the gym

R-Reads me stories


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