The Journey- Part 5: Necessary Pit Stops

Necessary Pit StopsBy Beth Martin: We are now well on our way in this homeschool journey, having selected the curriculum (The Journey- Part 1), transportation (The Journey- Part 2), map (The Journey- Part 3), and people (The Journey- Part 4).  But the journey can become tiring if we don’t include some pit stops along the way.  While some travelers get in the car and drive with a focus only on the getting to the destination as fast as they can, this often creates distress for the passengers.  

Necessary Pit Stops

We can be just like this with our homeschooling.  Often, we can be so intent on getting to our destination that we make everyone miserable in the process.  Pit stops are a necessary part of a trip and pit stops in our homeschooling are equally important.  We need to take some days off.  We also need to go at a pace that allows us to enjoy the journey.  Remember: we need to refresh our bodies and our minds with times where we set aside the schooling and just enjoy life as a family.  However you do it, that refueling is critical for the journey or you will run out of gas.  At the same time, if you continually stop at every rest area, every tourist trap, and every exit along the way, you will never make it to your destination!  Find that proper balance in your pit stops – enough to refresh and recharge, but then continue on the journey.


College is actually a great stopping point along the way, but should not actually be our final destination for our kids.  If college is even in your child’s plan, I would compare it to a scheduled overnight stay in a town along the way in your journey.  It’s very easy for us to see this as our destination – especially when our kids get to high school.  Even when our original destination or goal is different, we suddenly start focusing more on this stop along the way and forget the bigger picture and the ultimate destination.  College can be a great option for our kids, but there is a whole lifetime for them after college!


  • Amanda Douglass August 2, 2017 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Your Journey series is very helpful! Thank you for the encouraging words!

    • Katina Prescott August 3, 2017 at 9:36 am - Reply

      Thank you Amanda, we’re glad you enjoyed them!

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