The Journey- Part 2: Choosing the Transportation

By Beth Martin: the-journey-part-2-choosing-the-transportation-curriculumAfter identifying the destination (goals) of your homeschool journey (The Journey- Part 1), it’s time to choose your transportation.  This vehicle that we use to get us to our destination is our curriculum.  Just as there are many makes, models, colors and sizes of cars, there are many types of curricula.  Some are the snazzy sports cars with many options and features.  Some are nothing much to look at, but efficient and economical.  Others are clunkers who struggle to make it down the road.  Each family needs to first assess your destination and goals as well as the needs for your child and family.  Then taking these things into consideration, choose the curriculum and resources that will suit you best.  You may WANT the curriculum with all the fancy bells and whistles and big price tag, but that may not be best for you, and it may not be necessary.  the-journey-part-2-choosing-the-transportation-curriculum-quoteI’ve made trips both in the fancy sports car as well as the aging family minivan.  Both got me to my destination. In the same way, take some time to be sure the curriculum will get you to your goal, but always remember that MANY of them will get you to your goal.  Don’t lose sleep looking for the perfect one!


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This post was written by Beth Martin.  Beth is the Middle and High School Director of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.  Beth’s four years teaching middle school math in the public school played an instrumental role in leading her and her husband to homeschool their three children.  Seventeen years later, Beth’s three homeschool graduates are succeeding in college and she is happily sharing her triumphs and failures with other homeschoolers!Save

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