The Journey- Part 1: Identifying the Destination

Journey Destination the-journey-part-1-identifying-the-destinationBy: Beth Martin How many of you have taken a long road trip?  I’m sure some of you have fond memories of your trips, but I’m sure we all have some horror stories to tell about road trips gone bad! Journey Destination

Each trip or journey has several crucial elements, the first of which is a destination.  This is simply where we are headed on our trip.   For your homeschool journey, this would be your goals and reasons for homeschooling.  This is personal and individual and will look different for each family, possibly each child.  It may be to instill spiritual and moral values in your children.  Some choose to homeschool to provide a stronger and/or more individualized academic education.  Others are looking to build a stronger family unit that spends more time together.  It may be a combination of all of the above, or it may something altogether different from these reasons.

Journey Destination identifying-the-destination-quote-beth-martinContrary to what some might think, having goals is not restrictive.  Setting a destination for your homeschool journey can actually be quite freeing!  Your destination points you in a general direction.  As opportunities arise or as daily plans fall apart, your goal becomes your due north on a compass.  You may choose to follow a rabbit trail or meander aimlessly for a bit, but the destination you set will help you determine when and how to refocus so you can continue on your journey.

Do you have a destination for your homeschool journey?  If you have been homeschooling for a while, do you remember your reasons or goals?  Take some time this week to focus (or refocus) on your homeschool destination.  Write it down and share it with those who support you in this journey so they can encourage and cheer for you along the way.   Clarifying your destination will help you keep a focus of where you are headed.


This post was written by Beth Martin.  Beth is the Middle and High School Director of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.  Beth’s four years teaching middle school math in the public school played an instrumental role in leading her and her husband to homeschool their three children.  Seventeen years later, Beth’s three homeschool graduates are succeeding in college and she is happily sharing her triumphs and failures with other homeschoolers!


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