Investing Your Love


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November 20, 2013

Dear friends of homeschooling,

“One key reason for the success of homeschooling—as compared to its more traditional counterparts,” says author/speaker and homeschool pioneer Zan Tyler, “is the motivation and love of the parent for the child. I remember hearing one PhD say that he was never taught . . . what most homeschool parents know—and that is to love their children.”

Zan and her husband Joe started homeschooling in 1984 when budgetary cutbacks prevented their oldest son from starting school in the class that would have been best for him then.

The Tylers had to hire an attorney just to find out what the homeschool law was, because, at that time, neither the state board of education nor the local school district would give them that information.

Despite threats from the state superintendent of education to jail Zan on truancy charges if they did not stop homeschooling, the Tylers persisted. “The battle over parental rights is important because these children are God’s children first,” Zan says. “And He’s given us their lives to steward. They are not the state’s children.”

The Tylers spent much of the next eight years in the state legislature and in court until South Carolina’s homeschooling issues were resolved. Zan and Joe both became founding board members of South Carolina Association of Christian Homeschools.

“Every year as bills come up [in state legislatures], we hear more and more talk about the potential to regulate homeschooling again,” Joe Tyler says. “So unless homeschoolers stay involved in the political process, our freedoms could erode very quickly.”

Zan concludes with “the greatest unexpected benefit of homeschooling”—the strength of her family’s relationship with each other now that her children are all grown: “They still love us and we still love them and they invite us to be a part of their lives.”

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