Important High School Information



We recognize that flexibility is one of the perks of homeschooling, however at the high school level, some parameters must be in place so that we can issue credits and award diplomas that will be accepted by colleges, technical schools, and employers.  While we do our best to limit restrictions, we appreciate your understanding and compliance in observing those policies that are needed.



Reporting Deadlines and Class Rank

SCAIHS has chosen to participate in class ranking for our students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years.  We do this to afford our students the opportunity to pursue state-sponsored scholarships for college (LIFE, Palmetto Fellows, etc.).  As part of the SC Commission on Higher Education policies to be eligible for state scholarships, we must rank ALL students in the class, and we must complete it by their assigned deadline.  The SCAIHS policy for student rankings is set forth in the SCAIHS High School Handbook (available online to members).

  • Our academic year is June 1 – May 31, and High School Year-End Records are due no later than June 7.  These reports need to include the SCAIHS reports as well as grade reports from any outside classes taken.
  • GPA/GPR and class ranking are determined by all completed coursework submitted or postmarked by June 7.
  • If a course is not completed by May 31, the report card should be submitted no later than June 7, with an “INC” noting the incomplete course.
  • Credit for courses completed after May 31 will be included in the following attendance year. Please note that a maximum number of credits earned per year cannot exceed ten.
  • ***Important- the deadline for Senior reports is May 15 in order to have records processed before graduation.

Honors Courses

  • Courses approved as “honors” must be completed in one academic year and cannot be extended.
  • A course must be declared as honors by November 7 and the SCAIHS counselor notified in order for honors credit to be issued.

Outside Courses

  • If a course is taken with an outside instructor and the syllabus presented is a complete course, the final grade issued by the instructor is the grade that will be presented on the transcript.  The parent must submit the instructor’s grade report for each outside course as part of the year end reporting.