Homeschool Interscholastic Activities

Necessary Steps to Participate in Interscholastic Activities in the Public Schools

Homeschool Interscholastic Activities – On June 7, 2012, Governor Haley signed the Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act which allows home school students to participate in public school interscholastic activities such as athletics, music, and speech.  All home school students who wish to participate must fulfill the following school district requirements by submitting the necessary items to the school district:

  • Parent must provide an ID which proves he/she is the parent of the student
  • Provide student’s certified birth certificate
  • Provide copies of two documents proving residence in the school attendance zone (ex. lease agreement, power bill)
  • Provide documentation of physical exam (if participating in athletics)
  • Pay for athletic insurance (if participating in athletics–requirement varies by school district)
  • Submit “Intent to Participate in Interscholastic Activities–Home School Student” form (Click here to access the form from Palmetto Family Council.)
  • *Submit a SCAIHS Official Interscholastic Report Card

School districts must know that prospective home school students meet the academic requirements for participation in an interscholastic activity. They also need to know that the student was home schooled at least one prior year. It does not have to be the preceding year. The SCAIHS Official Report Card includes space for that information to be recorded. Please note that grades are to be numeric at all grade levels in hopes that this will satisfy all school districts. Letter grades are listed beside the numeric grades so that you may make any necessary conversions.
The Official Report Card is in a fill-able format so that you may type in the information then print two copies (one for your records) sign and date it. Or, you may print the form and complete it by hand. Please mail the signed completed form to SCAIHS or scan it and email it.

Once your Official Report Card is received at SCAIHS, its receipt will be entered in the database and then forwarded to your counselor who will pull your file, check to see that your student is currently enrolled, that the courses listed on the report card agree with the Proposed Course of Study (for grades K6-8) or the Course Schedule (for high school), and that the academic years recorded as having been home schooled through SCAIHS agree with our records. Then the counselor will sign, date, and apply the SCAIHS corporate seal to the  Official Report Card and make a copy for the student’s file. The original Official Report Card will be placed in a SCAIHS envelope with the name of the school official who is to receive the form (if known) and the name of the public school on the outside.* A SCAIHS seal will be placed on the envelope saying, “Official Report Card to be opened by public school official only.” That envelope will be mailed to you so that you may take the sealed SCAIHS envelope to the public school along with other items the school districts are requiring of the parent. The time and resources needed to provide this service necessitate additional hours of work, paper, copies, and postage. This will necessitate a fee of ten dollars ($10) be paid for each Official Report Card.

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*Please email requests for the “Official Interscholastic Report Card” form to  The form will be emailed to you as an attachment in a fill-able format along with directions for completing it and mailing the signed report card to SCAIHS for a counselor’s signature and the SCAIHS corporate seal. The Official Interscholastic Report Card with the signature and seal will be returned to you in a sealed envelope so that you may deliver it to the school authority with the other required documents. When you email, please put the following in the subject line:  Request for Official Interscholastic Report Card

 **Requests may take up to four weeks to process.  Thank you.