Homeschool Boost – Midlands

Join us for FREE workshops and an opportunity to meet our SCAIHS Directors! Non-SCAIHS parents are welcome to attend the workshops as well!

March 14, 2017 sponsored by Excelsior Academy in West Columbia, SC

Located in the First Baptist Church of West Columbia | 400 State Street, West Columbia, SC 29169

10:15 – 11:15 Workshop Session 1 

  • Phenomenal Phonological and Phonemic Awareness  (Nancy Willoughby and Emily Lipscombe)  Are you beginning the reading process with your child? Is your child struggling with his reading? Is he a poor speller? This workshop will help you begin to learn about the important steps in early reading and writing.  Nancy and Emily will take the mystery out of phonics. You will learn what phonological and phonemic awareness are and whether you desire it for your child.  They will break down these important concepts in reading instruction and give you practical steps to use in working with your child.
  • Honors or Not to Be Honors (Beth Martin) Should your student be taking honors courses?  Are they helpful, necessary, or a waste of time?  What even makes a course honors?  These are some of the most frequently asked questions by our high school parents.  Beth will provide straightforward answers to these questions as well as discuss some practical ways to elevate a College Prep course to Honors.


11:30 – 12:30 Workshop Session 2

  • The Middle School Maze   (Beth Martin)  Middle school is a time of transition.  Physical and emotional changes are taking place at a rate that will make any parent’s head spin.  She may WANT to be an adult and may THINK she is an adult (and may even LOOK like an adult!), but her actions and thought processes may show the childlike qualities that are still present. Beth Martin will discuss the various academic options available to you as you maneuver through the Middle School Maze.

Non-SCAIHS parents are welcome to attend the workshops as well!


Emily Lipscombe, Elementary Director
Nancy Willoughby, Special Needs Director
Beth Martin, Middle & High School Director




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