Extraordinary Easter Eggventures

By Beth Moore – The Easter season can provide some wonderful opportunities to enhance your homeschool lessons with some hands on activities.


Math –

Plastic Eggs are easy to locate this time of year.

Sorting -You can sort eggs by color, size, or pattern if you happen to find those.

Counting – Eggs can be used for counting by ones, twos etc.

Dozen – discussing what a dozen is

Addition and subtraction – use eggs as manipulatives to work addition and subtraction problems

Fractions -As most eggs come apart in two pieces, you can also discuss what one half is.

Graphing – Take a survey of how people like to eat their eggs and graph.

Language Arts –

You can use sharpie markers to write letters on the eggs.  You can then use egg cartons labeled with letters for matching games, spelling out words or messages.  A great way to do an egg hunt is to have each child bring an egg carton with the message:  J E S U S I S A L I V E.  You then write a letter on each egg that also spells this message.  When the kids go to do their egg hunt, they are looking for a letter that matches the empty place in the egg carton to spell out the message.  (This usually extends the egg hunt, while giving it a context for the season.

Books for reading – Humpty Dumpty Mother Goose Rhymes

Science –

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Study the life cycle from egg to chicken. Click HERE  for a video.

Egg Experiments – Click HERE for some ideas.

Art –

Mix dye colors to dye eggs.  What happens when you mix blue and yellow, red and blue, red and yellow.


Eggs aren’t just for babies!

You can use eggs to put messages in to change up the academic routine.  Write down an assignment for each subject and put each subject in a different colored egg.  As kids start their day, they choose an egg and see what the assignment is.  Example:  Yellow egg today contains the math assignment, after completing that lesson, the child chooses another egg and opens to see what assignment is in that egg.  Green egg – Go read for 30 minutes.  Orange Egg – Write a letter to a friend.


Social Studies – Holidays – The Study of Easter

*With young children, I focus more on Jesus’ resurrection and the tomb being empty than on the torture and death.  We always do say Jesus was beaten and whipped, nailed to the cross and he died, but after they laid him in the tomb on the third day he arose and the tomb was empty.  Resurrection Eggs are a great way to tell the story.  You can make your own or buy them at retail stores. Directions for making your own can be found HERE.


Resurrection Rolls click HERE for a resurrection roll recipe and Bible story. 


Hope you have an eggcellent edventure 🙂


Beth Moore








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