Elementary Department

The SCAIHS Elementary Department serves students in grades Pre-K through 6th grade throughout the state of South Carolina and beyond! Beginning with the application and all the way through the completed transcripts we are here to assist you in developing an individualized educational program for your child. With years of experience in the field of education, our staff is here to help you in determining your child’s learning style, developing a schedule, organizing lesson plans, talking through your academic priorities, discussing teaching strategies, matching curricula to your goals, etc.


What services do you offer that will facilitate educating my elementary-aged child?

One of the key elements that draws people toward enrolling with the SCAIHS Elementary Program is the personal contact with experienced elementary staff throughout the year. Curriculum counseling, transcripts, overseeing reports, teaching tips, etc., are all part of the services that we offer to meet the individual needs of your child.


Reporting Requirements for Elementary Students:

  1. Enter course information online
  2. Complete January 7th progress report and attendance
  3. Complete June 7th progress report and attendance (including year-end grades)
  4. Send or upload a copy of standardized test scores


Testing Requirements:

You can find our testing requirements HERE