Common Core Movie Trailer

Whenever you’re involved in an important endeavor for good, you can expect to come under attack . We’ve experienced our share of opposition since we launched the trailer for our Common Core documentary last week. And as a result, we have had to start back at square one and upload a revised version of the trailer that had previously been viewed more than 18,000 times in only four days. It is clear that our message resonates with a lot of people, but it has also struck a nerve.

Watch now >>This fast-paced trailer gives you a tiny glimpse into our bold exploration of both sides of this issue. In the full-length documentary, we will feature both proponents and opponents of the Common Core explaining their perspectives in more depth.

Through presenting what top educators, researchers, and scientists say about the development, implementation, and future of the Common Core, we want you to draw your own conclusions. And we want to share some of our conclusions based on months of investigative research.

As is always the case when truth is about to be revealed, there are people who do not want the all the facts about this controversial educational movement to be brought out into the light. You can help us spread the word about the new documentary. The updated, revised trailer is posted here. Please share it with your friends and family—let them know how important it is for all parents, all educators, and all taxpayers to understand the Common Core.

The Common Core is coming—what will it mean to you, your children, your neighbors, your state, and our nation? Find out in Building the Machine: A film about the Common Core.

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