Application Types – Memberships Explained

SCAIHS Memberships Explained


Full Membership

By choosing SCAIHS Full Membership you are choosing:

  • To have year-round support from friendly and knowledgeable staff who will do everything they can to help you succeed
  • An association that has been around since 1990 and will continue to be around for years to come
  • Simple online reporting just three times a year
  • Nationally recognized transcripts
  • High school class ranking, enabling more students to be eligible for scholarships
  • NCAA eligibility for your student-athlete
  • Flexibility and the individualized plan that your student needs to succeed


K5 Membership

If your child is five years of age on or before September 1 (South Carolina’s mandated age for kindergarten), you will need to enroll him/her in a kindergarten program or sign a waiver with your school district.  The K5 membership is a limited-services membership; it does not include curriculum counseling or academic record-keeping.  If another child in your family is enrolled in SCAIHS’ Full Membership, there is no charge for the K5 student.  SCAIHS does not require any reporting during the year for K5 students.


Auxiliary Membership

SCAIHS Auxiliary students are enrolled full-time in a program/school which issues a diploma.  The program/school, not SCAIHS, will provide educational counseling, curriculum counseling, guidance counseling, scholarship information, documentation of course work, permanent records, transcripts, and diplomas.  SCAIHS cannot issue a transcript or diploma or rank students for Auxiliary members but will upon written request issue a Certificate of Attendance. Please be aware, students earning a high school diploma from an out-of-state school may not be eligible for SC Education Lottery Scholarships.