Apple Math for Little Learners

Apple Math for Little Learners: September is prime apple picking time!  You can use apples for great math experiences! Apple Math Image


Counting the apples

Sort by type (if you get more than one type), sort by those that have a stem versus no stem, or even those that have a leaf attached.



You can use string and guess the circumference of the apple.  How much string will it take to go around the apple?  Guess, cut string, and see who’s string comes closest.  You can guess the weight of an apple and discuss that weight is a measurement used for solid objects or talk about pounds and ounces, which is more and which is less.  Help your child develop a reasonable understanding such as an elephant would weigh more than an apple, an apple would weigh more than a paper clip etc.


Fractionsan Apple quartered

You can cut the apple to start a discussion of fractions.  The apple was whole, we cut it into two equal parts, now we have halves.  If we cut it into four equal pieces, we have fourths.  You can pull the seeds out and count how many seeds were in the apple.



It’s a great time to make applesauce!  You can cut up the apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon, and throw the apple pieces and a little water in a crockpot.


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

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