The Jackson Story Part 1

IMG_2341   The Sound of Music celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2015. Like many others I have loved the story, the music, and the movie. One song addressed how to learn music so Maria sang, “Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start.” As I embark on this blogging adventure about homeschooling along with a gazillion others, I decided “a very good place to start” is at the beginning.

I first heard the word “homeschooling” almost 30 years ago in 1986 at the home of Susan Junco. Susan had hosted a political gathering for the community to meet one of the United States presidential candidates. In her dining room away from all of the political noise, I innocently listened to a conversation about which I knew nothing when suddenly the word “homeschooling” fell off the lips of Susan’s friend, Linda Scarinzi. I have to say thunder and lightning struck my brain. Before I heard anymore, I knew, I just knew I would be doing this thing called “homeschooling”. I only had two children at the time, the oldest of which was two, so I had not thought much about school yet, but when I heard that weJackson Post 1ird word, to be honest, my heart sank. First of all, I asked myself, “What about socialization?” Then I thought of our parents, one (a widow) who had just married the Associate Superintendent of Education in South Carolina. Lastly, I remembered that I was a nurse not an educator of children. Oh, was I in trouble!

Needless to say, my husband and I educated our selves first, reading every available book on homeschooling and attending Gregg Harris’s conference in Columbia in 1989. I purchased his kindergarten curriculum and off we set on this journey. We assured our friends and family we would probably just do this for a year or so, taking it a year at a time. After a few years we knew there was no going back… Thank you, Linda, one of my heroes, as are all of the homeschoolers of the early 1980s.


Carlotta Jackson has been homeschooling her children for over 25 years, and still going strong with her youngest.